British Columbia Institute of Technology

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Since 1964, the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) has taught and trained experts, professionals, and innovators who shape our economy, across BC and around the world.
We are proud to deliver an education that goes beyond textbooks and classrooms. Our students gain the technical skills, real-world experience, and problem-solving ability needed to embrace complexity and lead innovation in a rapidly changing workforce. Through close collaboration with industry, our network of alumni and partners continue to achieve global success.

Areas of Expertise

BCIT specializes in five major subject areas: Business and Media; Computing and Information Technology; Engineering, Applied and Natural Sciences; Health Sciences; and Trades, Vocational and Apprenticeship.

On Campus Housing

 # BedsLowestHighest
Co-ed:336 bedsLowest: $425Highest: $540

Maquinna Residence is available for BCIT students enrolled in full-time day school diploma or degree programs and for apprentice trades training students enrolled in short stay programs. The residence is situated on campus, a short walk from classes, the Student Activity Centre, recreational facilities, and medical services. This residence accommodates 336 residents in seven low rise, split level houses. The houses consist of apartment blocks where 12 students live together sharing kitchen and cooking facilities, living/dining rooms, and washrooms and laundry facilities. Residents may choose all male, all female, or co-ed suites. Each house has a Residence Advisor who is there to help with counselling and advice in case of emergency, and to facilitate social events. Each resident has a carpeted private bedroom, comfortably furnished with a bed, dresser, mirror, two chairs, and a desk lamp. Ample closet space is provided. High speed wired and wireless Internet is included in the rent.

Off Campus Housing

BCIT offers a comprehensive online listing of off-campus accommodation available in the community. Students can view the listings for free at any time on the web site.

Incoming Students

Information Sessions are a simple way to learn more about a program, related careers, and to get your questions answered by faculty and staff. Learn more about upcoming sessions here.

Career Planning

Please see this website


BCIT Recreation Services offers both organized and non-organized sporting opportunities for all to participate in and enjoy. Students and staff interested in structured, organized, and officiated league sports are encourage to play in any one of our six Intramural leagues. You can also stay active during open gym times. Everyone can book a time to play squash or ping pong. Individuals or groups are encouraged to try Archery, Boxing or a variety of team sports. If being indoors is not your thing, go outside and take advantage of our outdoor facilities which include, tennis courts, basketball courts, a frisbee golf course and 500m track.


The BCIT Student Association is made up of a group of talented students and staff who are dedicated to serving the BCIT student body to make the year as enjoyable as possible. The BCIT Student Association is governed by students, and is dedicated to serving you through effective representation and communication.

Information Technology

BCIT's IT Services, and the Learning and Teaching Centre (LTC) are working in a joint partnership arrangement to lead the TEK Initiative. The TEK (Technology Enabled Knowledge) Initiative is a five year undertaking to enhance teaching and learning at BCIT through the strategic use of technology. It is the umbrella term for an array of integrated projects that will place new and existing technologies in the hands of our teachers and students, and provide them with the support and training to use them effectively. Through the development of online communities supported by the TEK Initiative, we will bring students, teachers, administrators, and employers closer together, and engage them in compelling interactions and learning experiences.


CFML (student radio), The Link (student newspaper), and BCIT Magazine (broadcast on cable and the Knowledge Network).

Special Services

The Disability Resource Centre offers a range of support services for students with disabilities. We will assist students in identifying abilities, vocational interests, and work values. Current labour market information is also available along with an opportunity to explore disability issues related to the workplace. For a full description of the services offered, please visit the website. Indigenous Services offers a wide range of regular support services, which respect First Nations cultural diversity, and provide First Nations students with opportunities to adapt to BCIT's environment and enhance learning experiences.

International Involvement

The International Student Centre provides support to international students at BCIT. Get help investigating programs, advice on applications and study permits, and assistance with medical insurance, homestay, and airport reception. Visit the web site for details.

Campus Tour

If you’re currently interested in learning more about student life at BCIT, we invite you to join us for a guided tour of our Burnaby Campus. Our one-hour campus tour, lead by a Student Ambassador, will introduce you to our various campus spaces and provide you the inside scoop on both the academic and social sides of life at BCIT. Campus tours are offered at select times throughout the year, excluding statutory holidays. Reservations are required for all in-person tours. Personal tours are provided for individuals and families, while group tours are provided for community or school groups (25 people max per tour group).


Alumni Association, Student Association, Instant Teller Machine, BCIT Bookstore, bus services, cafeterias, travel agent, insurance, and much more.

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