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Trebas Institute Quebec Inc.

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Trebas Institute Quebec Inc. is located in the heart of Montreal, a cultural metropolis in North America.

Surrounded by shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues, students can conveniently get around by car, bus, and even bicycle, with the award-winning Bixi bike-sharing system.

What's more, Montreal has an extensive public transportation system that includes an underground subway (metro), buses, and a train system that can take you to the city's various suburbs. Getting around the city is fast and affordable, and McGill subway station is literally across the street from the campus. Trebas Institute Quebec Inc. students will benefit from Montreal being an international hub for video game design (many large game developers such as Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, A2M, etc. have offices here), and the city is also known for being the filming location for several blockbuster Hollywood films.

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Modified on April 10, 2024

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