Rhodes Wellness College

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Canada's number one coaching and counseling college, Rhodes Wellness College offers practical "hands on" training to give participants the skills they need to succeed in the modern work place. At Rhodes, we use the experiential learning model. Experiential learning is the process of actively engaging students in an authentic experience that will have benefits and consequences. Students make discoveries and experiment with knowledge themselves instead of only hearing or reading about the experiences of others. Students also reflect on their experiences, thus developing new skills, new attitudes, and new theories or ways of thinking.

Areas of Expertise

The College specializes in counselling, life coaching and wellness training. At the College, we stand behind our pledge to educate students and graduates are always highly sought by employers because they have the skills and training experienced employers seek. The College has found that over 86% of our graduates find work in their industry of choice within eight weeks of graduation.

Career Planning

There is a job placement coordinator on site. They are in constant contact with potential employers, monitoring available positions and the profiles of students completing their programs. This leads to quicker placement into your new career.

Special Services

Rhodes Wellness College is air conditioned and wheel chair accessible. Students have access to a small kitchen and food preparation area, as well as comfortable and accessible washrooms.


Rhodes Wellness College is please to announce the creation of the Student Wellness Clinic. This clinic will offer numerous wellness services to businesses and people working in downtown Vancouver.

Modified on June 29, 2014