Reeves College (Lethbridge Campus)

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Since 1961, Reeves College has been the ideal place to train for a business or health care related career. C. J. Reeves, the founder of the College, developed a reputation for nurturing business professionals. Today, we endeavor to uphold this legacy. Whether you are just starting out or are transitioning to a new career, we can give you the skills and education to get you started.

We develop our programs in consultation with the health care and business communities to ensure that graduates meet industry demands. We seek out skilled educators to provide the knowledge to compete in the current job market. This gives our students the best opportunities for employment and success. Free upgrading for graduates ensures that our students will continuously be in demand.

Areas of Expertise

Reeves College specializes in business, health care and hospitality programs.

Career Planning

Although encouraged to explore practicum placement opportunities on their own, students will have the assistance of a full-time Practicum Placement Coordinator. This coordinator provides a practicum for each qualified student and closely monitors the needs of the current job market. Whenever possible, links made with the business community are used to secure our students opportunities for permanent employment. The Practicum Placement Department is available to students at any time throughout their program and after graduation.

Information Technology

All campuses have state of the art computer labs.

Modified on October 04, 2017