Homburg Institute Canada

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The Homburg Institute Canada is a provider of high quality Professional Education in real estate and a Research Institute.

We provide a range of non-degree certificate programs through our online campus to students located throughout the world. Our curriculum is carefully crafted to deliver an advanced understanding of subjects suitable for articulation to the degree programs of our sister institution, Homburg Academy, while also delivering specific, industry-relevant professional skills.

We also offer short courses, seminars, and conferences in our facilities in Canada, and at international locations. Usually, these are presentations of our in-depth research on specific aspects of the real estate markets in different countries. The Homburg Institute Canada is also a research institute for both academic and applied research. Academic research is published through the Homburg-Oxford University Press Advances in Real Estate book series, whose editorial office is housed at the Institute.

Areas of Expertise

Homburg Institute's mission is to advance the science and knowledge of Real Estate by fostering innovation and new insight on all aspects of the built environment and to promote the dissemination of knowledge through professional development training, education courses, and research publications.

Courses at Homburg Institute are delivered using a range of teaching and learning techniques to enable you to gain the most from your online learning experience. Follow the links on the side to learn all about how you attend online courses, how you interact with your professor, and how your courses are assessed.

Incoming Students

Homburg Academy offers programs in the Real Estate industry, including: Certificate in Real Estate Project Management, Certificate in RE Finance and Investment, Certificate in Real Estate Project Management, Certificate of Advanced Study in Real Estate and Summer Institutes. to learn more about programs, click here.

Information Technology

Homburg Institute offers you an online eLearning space that is convenient, predictable, and familiar to you as you move from one course to the other. Learn more about your eCampus here.


Classes are taught using Blackboard Collaborateā„¢, a web-based video conference platform designed for video classes, specifically for use in university settings. This allows students to see and hear instructors and classmates with the ability to converse in real time. Discussions are assisted by a whiteboard, on which users can draw using standard tools including a pencil, brush, hi-lighter, and textbox.

Modified on August 11, 2015