Granville Business College

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Granville Business College is an accredited private post-secondary training institution located in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia. We are located close to all major transportation links and have recently moved into new and expanded facilities. We offer the Veterinary Assistant Diploma Program, which provides graduates with the skills and knowledge to qualify as ideal candidates for frontline work in animal hospitals and clinics. The VOA Diploma Program is offered as full-time (24 weeks) with a 3-week work practicum included.

Areas of Expertise

Granville Business College focuses on the training of health care professionals who will primarily be employed as Veterinary Assistants working in animal hospitals and clinics. Our only program is the VOA Diploma Program and it is made up of six courses. The courses are Small Animal Health Management, VOA Fundamentals, Surgical Procedures Awareness, Veterinary Office Procedures, Client Services and Communication Skills, and Career Planning.

Incoming Students

Students get a chance to work with real animals when practicing restraint methods.

Career Planning

Granville Business College provides free employment services for animal hospitals and clinics seeking qualified personnel. Granville Business College receives many calls from prospective employers who are aware of graduation dates and class sizes. The person responsible for arranging practicums and filling job requests will do so in a fair and equitable manner ensuring equal opportunity for all suitable graduates and students.

Modified on September 16, 2008