Atlantic Business College - Moncton



Atlantic Business College is a learning centre providing training excellence that prepares people to work in a rapidly changing environment. Atlantic Business College is a learning centre that has the leading edge in training excellence - locally, nationally, and internationally. Each program teaches career specific, as well as general skills, that will help the graduates excel in their chosen career. This combination of skills enables graduates to be versatile, as well as specialized. The curriculum for both programs and courses at Atlantic Business College is developed to meet the requirements of the business community and is updated on a regular basis to meet current market demands. Atlantic Business College has strong ties to the business community, and employers often contact the college requesting resumes from graduates. Resume preparation and job interview skills are stressed throughout the year so that students are prepared to take advantage of these opportunities. Atlantic Business College offers students a state of the art location for Microsoft User Specialist Certifications and Prometric Testing A+ and Net + Testing.

Areas of Expertise

Atlantic Business College Moncton campus offers programs in the areas of business, health administration, computer technology, as well as education.

Career Planning

The business community requests resumes from the college to fill job vacancies on an ongoing basis and the administration staff in conjunction with the instructors assist students in successfully filling these positions. Students in qualifying programs may apply to be granted an opportunity to participate in an on-the-job training segment of the course. This segment gives the student an opportunity to utilize the training and skills developed during their program in an actual business environment. Students are selected based on attendance, marks, overall professionalism, and interpersonal skills.

Modified on August 08, 2009