Academy of Learning Career College - Nova Scotia

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Academy of Learning College (AOLC) has more Campuses than any other Private Career College in Canada. We offer a wide variety of both part-and-full-time study options, including Administrative Assistant and Web Design courses, as well as more in-depth career programs, such as Business Administration, Healthcare, and I.T. training programs. Students receive intensive, hands-on training in a professional atmosphere in 60 Campuses across Canada serving 45 communities. For over 25 years, Academy of Learning College has helped students reach their career goals quickly and successfully in a setting that builds confidence while building skills. Students choose Academy of Learning College because we offer: - Flexible class hours - Convenient locations - An effective approach to quality career training - Career-specific programs - An environment conducive to learning - Job search assistance - A consistently high standard of curriculum - Qualified facilitators and instructors - Practical, hands-on training Each Academy of Learning College campus is recognized and registered as a private vocational school with the appropriate regional, provincial, and federal regulatory bodies.

Areas of Expertise

Academy of Learning College has implemented many initiatives that provide students with a stimulating and varied learning experience. Among these initiatives is the Virtual Classroom, an enrolment option which embraces ever-changing technology and makes it possible for students in smaller Campuses or remote regions to have the opportunity to take programs which would otherwise be unavailable to them. Academy of Learning College was the first Private Career College in many provinces across Canada to offer this type of learning platform. Other enrolment options include the Integrated Learning™ System (ILS), Instructor-led live lectures, online learning supported by a qualified College Facilitator or Online Instructor, and learning supported by a qualified Off-site Instructor.

Career Planning

Academy of Learning College has specialized admissions representatives to guide you through the enrolment process to ensure your educational needs are met. We are focused on helping you reach your goals in a comfortable setting that builds your confidence while enabling you to increase your skills.

Special Services

Academy of Learning College’s innovative method of individualized instruction coupled with its flexible scheduling, allows students with special needs access to all the benefits of our unique learning method. We can accommodate physically challenged students. Written transcripts of courses may be available when audio material is insufficient for student needs.

Affiliated Institutions

Academy of Learning College has articulation agreements with National American University, University of Phoenix, University of Windsor.

Modified on August 30, 2015