Niagara University

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Notes for Canadian Students

Note - The following information applies to Canadian citizens: All of Niagara University's merit scholarships, achievement awards, and grants for incoming first year students are based on your cumulative high school average and standardized test scores. Best of all, these awards are for each of your four years at Niagara University, providing you maintain full-time matriculated status and the required quality point average. And, because these awards are based on a sliding scale, there are many variations. All you need to do is fill out an application and submit results from either the SAT or ACT. Niagara University will do the rest, converting your cumulative high school average to the US equivalent, then letting you know which scholarship and how much you are eligible to receive. If you have not taken the SAT or ACT, NU will continue to accept these scores until the first day of classes.

Modified on July 12, 2017