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Canadian Students
In-School: 150Lowest: $500Highest: $1,000


Canadian Students
Entrance: 100Lowest: $2,500Highest: $7,500
In-School: 1,000Lowest: $500Highest: $5,000

Notes for Canadian Students

The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) consists of seven plans:

  • Canada Student Loans Program
  • Ontario Student Loans Program
  • Part-time Student Loans Program
  • Ontario Special Bursary Program
  • Ontario Work Study Program
  • Child Care Bursary Plan and
  • Set Aside Tuition Revenue Fund.
Each plan provides financial assistance to supplement student's financial contribution toward the cost of his or her education. Each program has different eligibility requirements and uses different criteria to calculate financial need. By completing an OSAP application, students are automatically assessed for loan assistance. Applications require approximately four to six weeks to process.

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