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Tuition Fees

Canadian Students:$28,561 - $51,748

Notes for Canadian Students:

Standard lower rate and foundation year: £18,500 per year (2022/23 fee)
Standard higher rate: £22,500 per year (2022/23 fee)
BM BS in Medicine: £39,158 per year (2022/23 fee)
Note that there may be small fee increases on an annual basis. You can find more details about tuition fees at

Fee setting for overseas students remains the responsibility of individual institutions. Students classified as 'overseas' are required to pay tuition fees at the overseas rate. Before registering as a student, you provide evidence of your ability to pay the fees and to support yourself financially.

The annual fees include registration, tuition and examination fees. They do not include items such as accommodation, extracurricular language tuition, use of the sports facilities, membership of clubs and societies, photocopying, and printing from computers. Fees are due for payment before the start of the autumn term of each academic year of your course. You can pay in instalments by credit or debit card.

Modified on September 11, 2023

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