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Supplementary Fees 2024 - 2025

Registration fee

NOTE: The registration fee of CHF 3'300 is payable for every semester of study; however, returning students only pay CHF 3,000 for undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The registration fee includes: registration documents, residence permit, airport pickup for new students, compulsory monthly health and accident insurance premiums during the academic semester, tie or scarf for Certificate to Higher Diploma students, kitchen uniforms and shoes for Culinary Arts students and Kitchen practical classes, federal taxes, wireless internet connection, student card, social assistance from the Student Counsellor, extensive online and on-campus library resources, gym and other campus recreational facilities. Additionally, life-long membership to the IMI Alumni network. There is no registration or tuition fee payable to IMI during the internship semesters.

Modified on March 08, 2023

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