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Tuition Fees

Canadian Students:$1,346 - $19,347
International Students:$3,191 - $34,851

Notes for Canadian Students:

Tuition fees are comprised of the standard domestic tuition fee plus a surcharge. Certain specialized programs or courses have particular tuition or other fees which vary from those stated above. Domestic and International students are required to pay all tuition fees plus tuition surcharges, consumable fees and other relevant costs and charges listed below.

Supplementary Fees 2023 - 2024

Consumable Fee

NOTE: Varies per course. Specific materials/services required to complete a course other than the instructional component. For a list of Consumable Fees, please see Tuition and Other Fees.

CSU Health and Dental Plan Fee

NOTE: $260.43 per year (Sep-Aug). The CSU Health and Dental Plan fees are charged in the Fall term each year. For change of coverage dates and deadlines, please click on the link above or visit Last day to opt-out of coverage is September 19, 2022.

Student Success Fee

NOTE: $16.77 per credit to a maximum of $109.14. Applicable to all campuses.

Student Union Building Levy

NOTE: $8.46 per credit to a maximum of $126.90. Student Union Building Levy to provide a new student union building (applicable to North Vancouver campus).

Student Union Equity and Sustainability Fee

NOTE: Student Union Equity and Sustainability Fee (applicable to all campuses).

Student Union Membership

NOTE: $47.18 flat plus $2.94 per credit a maximum of $29.40 (total $76.58). Membership dues for the Student Union (applicable to North Vancouver and Lonsdale campus). $18.87 flat (for Sunshine Coast, off-campus or online campuses).

Application/Re-Application for Admission

NOTE: $50 for Domestic applicants
$135 for International applicants
Non-refundable fee submitted with an application to the University

Business and Professional Association Fee

NOTE: $2.22 per credit to a maximum of $33.30. Charged on all courses that fall under the Faculty of Business and Professional Studies.

Term Enrollment

NOTE: Enrollment charge.

U-Pass BC

NOTE: A U-Pass BC gives students access to bus, SeaBus and SkyTrain services within Metro Vancouver, as well as discounts on West Coast Express. This transit pass program is mandatory for all Capilano Students Union members enrolled in three or more credits and attending classes within Metro Vancouver. Students who have a balance owing on their CapU student account will be denied a U-Pass. For more information on the U-Pass BC Program and how to use transit in Metro Vancouver, visit Translink’s U-Pass frequently asked questions. Any questions or concerns about the program can be emailed to

Modified on December 01, 2022

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