West Vancouver School District

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Notes for Canadian Students:

Again, if the student's parents reside in British Columbia, funding for education is provided by the provincial government Ministry of Education. However, if the parents do not reside in British Columbia, the student will pay $14,000.00 for tuition to attend school in West Vancouver.

Notes for International Students:

The school fees above include application fee for the program, medical insurance (required for the year), tuition, all textbooks, and course fees for required courses. Some elective courses such as the International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement programs have additional fees that the student must pay.

Supplementary Fees 2022 - 2023

Homestay Placement Fee

NOTE: This is a one time administrative fee for students who join our homestay program.

IB and AP Course/Program Fees

NOTE: Students enrolled in IB or AP courses will be required to pay the additional fees associated with these programs.

Soccer and Hockey Academies Fees

NOTE: Students participating in the Hockey or Soccer Academies will pay some additional fees associated with these elite programs.

Homestay Monthly Fee

NOTE: The students who participate in our district homestay program will pay their host family $800.00 per month at the beginning of each month.

Modified on November 16, 2007