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Toronto School of Theology

Toronto School of Theology

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Notes for Canadian Students:

Fees vary by program. See for more details.

Supplementary Fees 2024 - 2025

College Incidental Fees

NOTE: College Incidental fees vary by TST College. Consult with the college to which you wish to apply for more specific fee information. College Incidental fees cover such items as practicum and retreat fees, College and Advanced Degree Student Associations, etc.

University Incidental Fees

NOTE: Full University Incidental fees are charged of all full-time basic degree students. Part-time basic degree students and advanced degree students pay only certain portions of the full fee. Contact the TST College to which you wish to apply for specific fee information. University Incidental fees cover such items as CANCOPY License fee, Student System Access fee, Athletics and Hart House, Health Services, Student Services, Student Affairs, Student Administrative Council (SAC), SAC - Dental Insurance Plan, and SAC - Accident/Sickness Insurance Plan.

Modified on October 10, 2019