Langara College

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Tuition Fees

Provincial Students:$2,498
Canadian Students:$2,498 - $11,678
International Students:$15,000

Notes for Canadian Students:

Tuition fees listed are based on a per course credit (some programs have a maximum tuition fee limit, equal to 18 credits per semester).

Notes for International Students:

$590 per credit. Most courses have 3 credits. Tuition fees per course credit (some programs have a maximum tuition fee limit equal to 18 credits per semester).

Supplementary Fees 2020 - 2021


NOTE: This fee is mandatory.

LSU Health Dental Plan Fees

All full-time students (i.e., students enrolled in nine or more credits) who are registered in the Fall Semester and who are members of the LSU are automatically covered by the LSU Health & Dental Plan and charged for the coverage.This fee is charged only in the Fall Semester.

Part-time students and students beginning their studies in another semester are not automatically covered, but can enrol themselves by contacting If you opt out, you will be reimbursed the full Plan fee by cheque. Be sure to opt out early.

For further information, please visit or call 1-866-369-8796.

Student Union Dues Fees

NOTE: This fee is mandatory.

U-Pass Program

NOTE: The U-Pass fee is a mandatory fee that applies to ALL students who pay LSU fees. Exemptions for the program will only be given to students who meet specific criteria. For more information on exemptions, terms of use, or obtaining your U-Pass card visit or contact the U-Pass coordinator at

Application Fees

NOTE: Domestic Student Application Fee: $40.00
International Student Application Fee: $155.00

Capital Building Legacy Fund Fee

NOTE: The Capital Building Legacy Fund was created to address Langara College's ongoing requirement for facilities that support and enhance the provision of educational services for learners. This Fund supports capital projects designed to directly enhance the quality of the learning experience for Langara College students, and all monies are held in a separate fund with College Board approval required for expenditure.
Charged on a per-semester basis.

Modified on August 07, 2020