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Ottawa School of Art

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Notes for International Students:

International students do not pay municipal property taxes or provincial or federal income tax and do not contribute to any level of government funding (i.e. tax base) that Canadian citizens do. As a result, OSA charges a modest international student surcharge of an additional $150 on the course tuition. The surcharge applies only to tuition fees.

If tuition for a course is $375 CDN, the international student surcharge is an additional $150 CDN, for a total tuition of $525 CDN before any supply, model or other fees are added. Supply, model and other fees are charged at the regular rate – there is no surcharge to international students on these fees.

Tuition fees for full time study are approximately $5,250 CDN per year (depending upon courses selected) with an additional $2,500 CDN for books and materials. International students can expect their annual tuition and course fees, including the surcharge, to be around $7,750 CDN.

Modified on October 14, 2020