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Southern New Hampshire University

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Business, Management and Public Administration

Accounting (A.S.) Associate
Accounting (B.S.) Bachelor
Accounting (M.S.) Master
Accounting Minor Diploma
Accounting/Finance (B.S.) Bachelor
Business Administration (A.S.) Associate
Business Administration (B.B.A.) Bachelor
Business Administration (B.S.) Bachelor
Business Administration/3Year Honors Degree Program (B.S.) Bachelor; Honours
Business Administration/Human Resource Management (B.S.) Bachelor
Business Administration/Organizational Leadership (B.S.) Bachelor
Business Administration/Small Business Management (B.S.) Bachelor
Business Minor Diploma
Business Studies/Accounting (B.S.) Bachelor
Business Studies/Business Administration (B.S.) Bachelor
Business Studies/Business Finance (B.S.) Bachelor
Business Studies/Human Resource Management (B.S.) Bachelor
Business Studies/Information Technology (B.S.) Bachelor
Business Studies/International Management (B.S.) Bachelor
Business Studies/Marketing (B.S.) Bachelor
Business Studies/Organizational Leadership (B.S.) Bachelor
Business Studies/Program & Application Development (B.S.) Bachelor
Business Studies/Small Business Management (B.S.) Bachelor
Business Studies/Sport Management (B.S.) Bachelor
Club Management (B.S.) Bachelor
Club Management Minor Diploma
Destination Management (B.S.) Bachelor
Destination Management Minor Diploma
Doctor of Business Administration in International Business (D.B.A.) Doctorate
Fashion Merchandising (A.S.) Associate
Fashion Merchandising Minor Diploma
Finance (M.S.) Master
Finance Minor Diploma
Finance/Economics (B.S.) Bachelor
Hospitality Administration (B.A.S.) Bachelor
Hospitality Administration (M.S.) Master
Hospitality Administration/Culinary Management (B.A.S.) Bachelor
Hospitality Administration/Hotel and Resort Management (B.A.S.) Bachelor
Hospitality Administration/Travel Management (B.A.S.) Bachelor
Hotel and Resort Management (B.S.) Bachelor
Hotel and Resort Management Minor Diploma
International Business (B.S.) Bachelor
International Business (M.S.) Master
International Business Minor Diploma
Management Advisory Services (B.S.) Bachelor
Marketing (A.S.) Associate
Marketing (B.S.) Bachelor
Marketing (M.S.) Master
Marketing Education (B.S) Bachelor
Marketing Minor Diploma
Master of Business Administration: Global M.B.A. Master
Public Service (B.A.) Bachelor
Retailing (B.S.) Bachelor
Retailing Minor Diploma
Sustainable Tourism Minor Diploma

Social and Behavioural Sciences and Law

Advertising (B.A.) Bachelor
Advertising (B.S.) Bachelor
Advertising Minor Diploma
Child Development (M.Ed.) Master
Child Development Leadership (B.A.) Bachelor
Child Development Minor Diploma
Communication (B.A.) Bachelor
Communication Minor Diploma
Community Economic Development (Ph.D.) Doctorate
Community Mental Health & Mental Health Counselling (M.S.) Master
Convention and Event Management (B.S.) Bachelor
Convention and Event Management Minor Diploma
Digital Media (B.A.) Bachelor
Doctor of Business Administration in International Business (D.B.A.) Doctorate
Economics Minor Diploma
Environmental Communication Minor Diploma
Finance/Economics (B.S.) Bachelor
Food and Beverage Management (B.S.) Bachelor
Food and Beverage Management Minor Diploma
International Community Economic Development (M.S.) Master
Latin American & Latino/a Studies Minor Diploma
National Community Economic Development (M.S) Master
Policy and Community Economic Development (M.A.) Master
Political Science (B.A.) Bachelor
Political Science Minor Diploma
Political Science/American Politics & Public Law (B.A.) Bachelor
Political Science/Comparative & International Politics (B.A.) Bachelor
Pre-Law Minor Diploma
Psychology (B.A.) Bachelor
Psychology Minor Diploma
Psychology/Child & Adolescent Development (B.A.) Bachelor
Public Relations Minor Diploma
Social Science (B.A.) Bachelor
Social Studies Education - Political Science (B.A.) Bachelor
Sociology Minor Diploma
Sustainable Development Minor Diploma
Tanzania Community Economic Development (M.S.) Master


Humanities and Languages

Mathematics, Computer and Information Sciences

Personal Improvement and Leisure

Health, Parks, Recreation and Fitness

Personal, Culinary, Protective and Transportation Services

Agriculture, Natural Resources and Conservation

Visual and Performing Arts, and Communications Technologies

Architecture, Engineering, and Related Technologies

Physical and Life Sciences and Technologies

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