St. Francis Xavier University


Requirements for Canadian Students

Admission requirements are: 1. A combined average of 70% in Grade 11 and 12 to include English each year. 2. Credit for five university preparatory courses in each of Grade 11 and 12. Higher averages may be required in limited enrolment programs. The following university preparatory subjects are acceptable subjects: English, geography, history, mathematics (algebra, trigonometry, geometry, and functions/relations), modern languages, classical languages, economics, biology, chemistry, geology, and physics. Two of the five subjects may be in a university preparatory subject not listed above. Nova Scotia - applicants with averages of 75% or better are processed as soon as the documentation is complete. When the average is less than 75%, the application may not be considered until June 15. Alberta - applicants must have Grade 12 with subject distribution and minimum averages as for Nova Scotia. All five courses must be at 30 or 31 level. Manitoba and Saskatchewan - applicants must have Grade 12 with subject distribution and minimum averages as for Nova Scotia. New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, British Columbia, Northwest Territories and Yukon - applicants must have Grade 12 with subject distribution and minimum averages as for Nova Scotia. Students applying to the Bachelor of Arts program are eligible for the four year degree only. Newfoundland and Labrador - applicants must meet the same course requirements and minimum averages as Nova Scotia students. Courses needed to satisfy entrance requirements must be at the 3000 level and students must achieve at least 11 credits. Students applying to the Bachelor of Arts degree are eligible for the four year program only. Ontario - applicants must have an Ontario Secondary School Diploma with a total combination of six 12U and 12M courses (minimum of four 12U preferred). Quebec - applicants who have completed senior matriculation on one year of CEGEP will be considered for entry into the first year of a four year program. Applicants who have completed the two year CEGEP program with an average of at least 70 and who receive the DEC will be admitted to the second year of a four year program.

Requirements for International Students

USA - high school graduates who have completed 16 academic subjects will be considered for admission to a four-year degree. The 16 courses must include four English courses and the program-specific subjects. Students applying for the Bachelor of Arts degree are eligible for the four-year program only. Other International - international applications will be considered on an individual basis. For students from a British system of education, two General Certificate of Education (GCE) advanced-level examinations or the equivalent, with grades of A, B, C, are normally required for admission to any program. Students may also be granted advanced standing in certain programs. A student who has successfully completed one year of study in an academic program beyond the CGE at the ordinary level may be considered for admission. All students must have completed English with a minimum grade of B and four other academic courses with grades of at least C at the ordinary level. English, mathematics, two sciences, and one other academic subject are required for admission to programs in the faculty of science. For applicants whose first language is not English or whose normal language of instruction has been other than English, a test of English language proficiency may be required. The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or its equivalent is recommended. If TOEFL scores are submitted, then a minimum score of at least 580 on the paper-based test or 236 on the computer-based test, and the Test of Written English with a minimum score of 4.0, may be required.

Procedure for Canadian Students

Students may apply to the university online. Alternatively, they may obtain an application for admissions from their high school guidance counsellor or from the university. The application fee is $40.00. In addition to a resume and two letters of references, transcripts of all previous academic work must be sent to the Admissions Office; no decision will be made until all documentation is received. High school students will be considered for entrance scholarships if their application and marks are received by March 1 of the year of attendance. Early fall acceptance is available for Grade 12 students with an average of 80% or higher at the end of Grade 11; students may apply for early fall admissions between October 15 and December 1.

Procedure for International Students

International students should contact the university for application details. Students for whom English is a second language are required to achieve a TOEFL score of at least 580 and a TWE score of at least 4.

Academic Year

Type of SystemSemester
Entrance DatesSeptember
Notes:First term: September to December Second term: January to April Intersession: May to June Summer school: July to August Note: Most classes lasses are full year (September-April) in duration. January entry is not available for new students. Some courses are offered in French, Scottish and Irish Gaelic, Spanish, and Mi'kmaq.
Language of InstructionEnglish
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