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Requirements for Canadian Students

Diplomas awarded by Provinces and Territories on completion of Grade 12 will be considered for entry. We typically require students to achieve a minimum of 81% overall from 5 or 6 subjects at Grade 12. Entry requirements may vary depending on the province and the chosen undergraduate course.

Alternatively, we also consider the following qualifications for entry onto our undergraduate (bachelors) degrees:

International Baccalaureate - 30 - 36 points

Procedure for Canadian Students

Applicants applying to the University of Southampton must apply through UCAS using Southampton's institution code S27.

Applicants make only one application in UCAS at programme-level. This means applicants will typically apply to the same or a similar programme at a maximum of five UK universities. For further information, please contact us or visit the UCAS website.

Applicants will be required to submit their high school grades 10 through to 12 in their UCAS application (including those classes where they do not yet have final grades), a personal statement and one academic reference.

The deadline to submit an application through UCAS is 15th January.

Academic Year

Type of SystemSemester
Entrance DatesSeptember
Notes:Applicants can apply between 1st September and 30th June. However, we advise students apply by the 15th January. This is the deadline for fair and equal consideration and means all students applying between these dates have equal opportunity of receiving an offer. UK Universities reserve the right to close their programmes after 15th January.
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Modified on June 16, 2022

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