University of Gloucestershire

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Requirements for Canadian Students

The national computerised application system (UCAS) is used by all UK universities and you only need to complete one application form, which allows you to apply for up to five different courses/institutions. You complete it completely online at the UCAS website ( The institution code for the University of Gloucestershire is G50.

Procedure for Canadian Students

UCAS will send a copy of your application form to each of the institutions to which you have applied. Each institution considers your application and decides if they would like to offer you a place. Each institution informs UCAS of its decision and UCAS will then inform you. You can monitor this process with your UCAS pin code online.

Academic Year

Type of SystemSemester
Entrance DatesSeptember
Notes:The January entry is only open to MBA students.
Language of InstructionEnglish
Modified on February 21, 2018