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Requirements for Canadian Students

Students who wish to apply for one of our programs need to meet all of the admissions requirements listed for their selected program. Click for more information

Procedure for Canadian Students

Standard Application: Please make sure you include all of the items listed here. The Application Form should be filled out on your computer, saved and printed or emailed to Admissions. Make a copy of all documents for your own records and send the originals by registered mail to the address on the application form.Email Application: Please make sure you include all of the items listed here. The Application Form should be filled out on your computer, saved and emailed to Admissions along with clear, scanned copies of all other items. Original educational transcripts (and translations) will be required and can be sent by registered mail to Admissions. Keep all other original documents for your own records and send only scanned versions unless otherwise requested. Online Application: You can also apply online, here .

Only completed applications will be evaluated:

  1. RB Application form signed and dated
  2. Application fee of CHF. 100.-
  3. Passport(s) copy (For non-Swiss citizens residing in Switzerland, include a copy of residential permit)
  4. 2 Passport Sized Photos
  5. CV or Resume: A detailed record of academic and/or professional background
  6. Study Plan: An essay of motivation describing why the candidate wishes to study in Les Roches. Average 250-1,000 words with signature and date.
  7. Post Study Plan: An essay explaining what the candidate wishes to do after graduation. This essay should include a statement that the candidate will leave Switzerland upon graduation. Average 250-1,000 words with signature and date.
  8. Educational Records:
    • Transcripts: Showing all grades received and an explanation of the grading system in English or French.
    • Copy of final Diploma or Degree.
    • If you are coming from outside of the European Union please include a letter of recommendation from a teacher or guidance counsellor.
    • If you have not completed your studies, please send a copy of your results for the last three years.
  9. Official English Certificate: See Academic Requirements by Program.
  10. Medical Certificate and Physician’s Report (on the Application Form): The Physician’s report must be completed by a licensed physician with the official stamp. Please also include an official report for any medical conditions that require special attention (learning disabilities, dietary restrictions etc).
  11. Sponsorship Letter: A signed, dated letter from the person who will finance the studies guaranteeing his or her responsibility to cover the tuition fees and all other expenses.
  12. Letter of reference: A signed, dated letter of recommendation from someone who knows you professionally or academically. (For Postgraduate and MBA only)

Original documents must be sent for all letters and signed/stamped documents.

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Academic Year

Type of SystemSemester
Entrance DatesJanuary, February, July, August, October

Glion has a rolling admissions policy. This means that the applicants credentials are evaluated as soon as the application form is received and students can be admitted at anytime during the year. A decision is normally reached within three weeks of reception. Please note that it may take anywhere from 4-12 weeks to obtain a visa. The application deadlines for students who will require a visa to study in Switzerland are indicated below.

  • July/August - Apply by May 15th >li> October (undergraduate) - Apply by August 31st
  • January/February - Apply by November 15th
  • Language of InstructionEnglish
    Modified on July 29, 2014