University of Saskatchewan - College of Medicine

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Requirements for Canadian Students

Students must have completed a number of required courses before entering the College of Medicine. At the University of Saskatchewan, the required courses are: Biochemistry 200.3 and 211.3, Biology 110.6 (general), Chemistry 112.3 (general), Chemistry, Organic 250.3 (prereq: Chem 112.3), Physics 111.6 (general), English 110.6 or any two of Eng 111.3, 112.3, 113.3, and 114.3, and a full course equivalent (6 credit units) in the social sciences or humanities.

Procedure for Canadian Students

Application forms may be obtained from the Admissions Secretary after July 1, or online at the school's website.

Academic Year

Type of SystemTrimester
Entrance DatesSeptember
Language of InstructionEnglish
Modified on September 14, 2022