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Requirements for Canadian Students

Permanent residents and citizens of Canada who have been living in British Columbia for a minimum of 90 days are entitled to a 50% tuition fee discount. Proof of permanent residency in British Columbia (British Columbia Driver License or British Columbia ID) is required. This does not apply to the Vacation Study Program or the Ski/Snowboard and English Program.

Requirements for International Students

Admission requirements can be found here at

Procedure for Canadian Students

Admission procedures can be found here at

Procedure for International Students

When applying for admission, each student should pay a CAD $100.00 Application Fee and a CAD $40.00 Materials Fee. Before VEC issues a Letter of Acceptance, you should pay a portion of the tuition fee. The minimum requirements are as follows: 1 to 8 Weeks Program: Full Tuition 9 to 16 Weeks Program: 8 Weeks Tuition 17 to 24 Weeks Program: 12 Weeks Tuition 25 to 38 Weeks Program: 16 Weeks Tuition 39 Weeks or Longer Program: 20 Weeks Tuition Vancouver English Centre is often full. Thus, we advise students to apply several months before they wish to begin. Students who have paid their fees will have a place in the class reserved. You should first complete an ‘Application for Admission’ form. If possible, you should fax the completed application form to us or apply on our web site. The original copies can then be mailed with two photos. A ‘Pre-Application’ form is not required if you submit an ‘Application for Admission’ form.

Academic Year

Type of SystemContinuous
Entrance DatesAny
Notes:You can find our regular start dates here at
Language of InstructionEnglish
Modified on April 17, 2006