St. Margaret's School

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(Grades 9-12) English Language Learner

St. Margaret's School

Degree:Not Applicable
Field of Study:English as a Second Language
Junior High/Intermediate/Middle School Education and Teaching
Cost per year:*
Provincial: $25,615
National: $31,640
International: $33,120

Costs are in CAD dollars.


At the core of our mission is the belief that higher education is a powerful and valuable experience – one that opens doors, offers opportunities, and is integral to the continuing growth and development of our students.

We are dedicated to ensuring every girl has the opportunity to thrive – in her studies and career, and in life. We equip our students with the knowledge, attitudes, and confidence needed to continue learning after graduation. This requires more than outstanding academic preparation; it also requires a plan.

The path will be different for each girl, but each student will begin the next phase of her life with a goal in mind and a plan to make it real.

Our Academic Services offer:

  • Guidance: helps students explore career paths, post-secondary programs and their own strengths and interests. The Guidance Office also organizes student trips to education and career fairs, career speakers, university information nights, and visits from university and college representatives from major schools across Canada, the US, and abroad.

  • Academic Advisers: assist students selection, graduation and university entrance requirements.

  • Learning support: staff work with students, teachers, and parents under a collaborative model to provide the best learning opportunities for all students.

  • Peer Tutoring: students assist other students in specific academic areas. Students who would like the assistance of a peer tutor must complete a request form and have the request approved by their subject teacher.

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