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SMS English Summer Course

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Program Information

School:St. Margaret's School
Degree:Not Applicable
Field of Study:English as a Second Language
IELTS Preparation

The SMS English summer course is a rigorous five-week program for students wanting to get ahead and prepare themselves to increase their level of English, prepare for IELTS and TOEFL tests and learn strategies to get top marks in their English courses. An Educational Assistant will also be present in the classroom for optimal teacher student ratios.

The program is divided into morning classroom lessons and afternoon learning activities. The course outline gives an overview of the morning classroom lesson content. Very experienced teachers, who not only have their BC Teaching Certification, but have also taught locally and internationally, will teach our English classes. The afternoon learning activities focus on getting students out of the classroom into learning programs and activities throughout Victoria.

Students will have the opportunity to attend the Canada Day Festivities, the Victoria International Buskers Festival, and other exciting experiences to make the summer a time of learning and adventure. These festivals are the setting for a variety of writing activities that will give students the chance to experience and write about some of the most exciting summer events Victoria has to offer.

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Modified on November 06, 2018