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Food Science

Auckland University of Technology

Field of Study:Food Science
Careers:Agricultural and Fish Products Inspectors


Current food innovation is driven by trends like reducing sugar, sodium and fat; using more natural flavourings and colourings, and improving the shelf life of foods. Food science provides the vital scientific understanding to convert food commodities into high quality, safe and nutritious food products.

The role of a food scientist is critical in the production of food. Food science opens the door to a range of career paths including developing new food products, improving sensory attributes and nutritional content of foods, and finding new ways to preserve, process, package and distribute food. This major introduces you to the science behind the food we eat, using principles of food chemistry, food microbiology, sensory science, food product development and food processing and technology. It covers the science and practical skills involved in the production, preservation, safety and quality evaluation of foods. You learn to analyse the characteristics of food, discover new food sources, and research ways to make processed foods safe and healthy.
Modified on November 20, 2017