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Wildlife Biology

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School:University of Michigan-Flint
Field of Study:Wildlife Biology
Description:Wildlife biology is a continuously expanding field, in which individuals will have the opportunity to study the dynamics of animal and plant communities of terrestrial and aquatic environments. The program provides students with a rigorous curriculum designed to prepare them for a career in this exciting area of biology. Students in this program will be exposed to wildlife management methods, field techniques and theoretical studies of wildlife species, populations and communities. Wildlife biologists will ultimately be responsible for the study and management of animal and plant populations within state, national and possibly international borders. Wildlife biologists may also be responsible for the study and management of non-game, endangered species or game animals and plants. This program is intended to prepare students for entry-level positions with state and federal agencies and private companies, and for the pursuit of higher academic degrees. The Program in Wildlife Biology is designed to produce well-rounded students; thus, we require our students to enroll in disciplines such as mathematics and statistics, chemistry, physics, communication, social sciences, and humanities. By using specifically identified coursework areas and mentoring, we will aid students in developing their intellectual capabilities in working with natural resources and people within that discipline.

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Modified on August 01, 2016