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New Media: Convergence (Electronic/Print Journalism)

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Program Information

School:Conestoga College
Field of Study:Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs, Other
Digital Communication and Media/Multimedia
Description:This two-semester program will prepare the graduates to be at the forefront of media convergence and be key players as newsrooms embrace multi-media presentation of news and information. Students in this program will prepare, edit and present stories in a variety of formats to meet the expectations of technically savvy consumers. Students will develop stories quickly and accurately for seamless presentation on the web, for text messaging, pod casting, radio, audio/video streaming and print/electronic documentation and publication. Students will produce stories utilizing traditional and digital technologies, under the real-world pressure of constant deadlines. The production of multi-media presentations through faculty contact deliveries, self-directed and independent studies will be key components of this program.

Students will utilize advanced audio, video and digital image editing skills and graphic design techniques to enhance presentation of news in a variety of formats. While on campus students will be required to provide stories, illustrations and updates via electronic modes designed to impart timely information to the Conestoga College community, as well as the global consumers of media.
URL:New Media: Convergence (Electronic/Print Journalism) at Conestoga College
Length:1 Year(s)
Enrolment #:20
Modified on July 15, 2009