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Sustainability Management and Enterprise Process Excellence

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Program Information

School:Ryerson University
Faculty:The Chang School
Field of Study:Natural Resources Management and Policy
Description:Today, we live in challenging times with a fractured, unsustainable society and economy. In response to a growing need to move the world toward sustainable development and sustainable practices, a whole new profession is emerging. Sustainability management is of strategic importance globally in order to enhance and maximize the organizational impacts of the principles of sustainability by addressing the social, economic, and environmental dimensions – also known as the Triple Bottom Line (TBL or 3BL) or People-Planet-Profits (PPP) issues.

This unique certificate provides the competencies identified as being most critical to the successful performance of professionals working in the field of sustainability management by applying high demand tools and techniques of Lean Six Sigma quality assurance to further address management challenges, problem solving, and solution execution. The students will have the ability to leverage Lean Six Sigma processes and decision making in order to achieve business, economic, and sustainability goals at their places of work.
URL:Sustainability Management and Enterprise Process Excellence at Ryerson University
Modified on August 03, 2017

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