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Travel Counsellor

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Program Information

School:Algonquin Careers Academy - Ottawa
Degree:Diploma; Online
Field of Study:Tourism and Travel Services Marketing Operations
Description:Algonquin Careers Academy offers a complete diploma program for those who wish to become a member of the travel industry as quickly as your study time allows. Alternatively you may elect to take individual modules of your choice and receive a certificate each time.

Your materials have been prepared by the expert instructors of the Academy. The same experts who will be acting as your private tutor throughout your training. Everything you need to complete your individual lessons is included in the cost. All textbooks, binders, tour pamphlets and training aids that you receive are yours to keep, and no additional purchases of any kind are necessary. All of these materials are designed to help you fully understand the role of a professional travel counsellor. As you learn, many of your tests are marked automatically online or in some cases are checked by your tutor, and returned with corrections when necessary. These help to reinforce what you have learned from the lessons. If you ever have any questions you simply e-mail your tutor, who will be pleased to assist you. Full details on our Tutorial Assistance program will be sent to you as soon as you enroll.
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Modified on June 29, 2014