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Foreign Language

Utica College

Faculty:School of Arts and Sciences
Field of Study:Second Language Learning, Other
Length:4 Year(s)


The focus of this major is to master a primary language and learn to apply it to an occupation, a field of study, or other life interests. Students will develop an understanding of the grammar, literature and culture of the language and the people who speak it. The Senior Research Project will combine the primary language with courses in a Major Related Sequence (such as Sociology or Human Rights Advocacy) acquiring the background knowledge and vocabulary in the primary language with which to work successfully in these fields

This major is designed to meet the needs of those students intending to interact with a non-English speaking population, be it in business and management, education, social services, journalism, law, travel and tourism, and other fields that require language skills. This program is also appropriate for students interested in education and teaching foreign languages. Furthermore, the knowledge of other languages is a positive attribute for those students who will pursue a graduate degree.


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    Applicants must have a diploma from an accredited secondary school.

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