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Psychology B.A.

Utica College

Faculty:School of Arts and Sciences
Field of Study:Psychology, General
Length:4 Year(s)


Psychology is the scientific study of behavior. While most psychologists are interested primarily in human behavior, many focus much of their research on the behavior of animals. All, however, use carefully controlled methods of observation, such as the survey or the experiment, in their effort to understand behavior. Psychology, like other sciences, seeks to describe, explain, predict and control the events it studies. Thus, psychology attempts to answer questions about the underlying processes that determine the complexity of behavior.

The major in psychology offers a variety of career opportunities in at least three different areas, (1) teaching: university, community college, elementary school; (2) research: social psychologists, psychometrics, industrial/organizational, educational, and experimental psychologists; and (3) public service/professional: clinical, child clinical, counseling, school, and mental health assistant. The major in psychology also provides a general liberal education with a diversity of career opportunities for students wishing to seek more immediate employment. Students planning participation in ancillary professions such as social, human, or community services (with no plans for graduate study) should plan their curricula in accordance with their advisers’ recommendations and their own particular needs.


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