Railway Conductors and Brakemen/women

(NOC 7362)


In general, you usually need a high school diploma.

Except for yard locomotive engineers, you need specific levels of the Certificate of the Canadian Rail Operating Rules.

To be a railway locomotive engineer, you must have experience as a railway conductor.

To be a railway conductor, you must have experience as a railway brakeman or brakewoman.

To be a railway brakeman or brakewoman, you usually need experience as a railway worker.

Many recent entrants have a high school diploma, and almost 3 in 10 have a trade/vocational certificate or community college diploma.

Degrees Associated with This Career

High School Diploma

Useful Experience/Skills

Communication systems
Communication skills
Safety awareness
Scheduling/working to schedule

Useful Secondary School Subjects

Computer Basics

Modified on January 26, 2022