Steam Fitters and Pipe Fitters

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What do Steam Fitters and Pipe Fitters do?

Steam fitters and pipefitters lay out, assemble, fabricate, maintain, and repair piping systems carrying water, steam, chemicals, and fuel in heating, cooling, lubricating, and other process piping systems.

Sprinkler system installers fabricate, install, test, maintain, and repair water, foam, carbon dioxide, and dry chemical fire protection sprinkler systems.

Gas fitters install, inspect, repair, and maintain gas lines, meters, gas furnaces, appliances, and other gas equipment in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

How to become: Steam Fitters and Pipe Fitters

To be a plumber, pipefitter or gas fitter, you must have some high school education or a high school diploma.

To gain trade certification, you must finish an apprenticeship program, or have a combination of experience and high school, college or industry courses. You may need trade certification in the province/territory where you'll work.

Qualified tradespersons may also obtain interprovincial (Red Seal) trade certification, which provides job mobility throughout the country.

To be a gas fitter, you may need a licence in the province/territory where you'll work.

Many recent entrants have a trade/vocational certificate.

Where to study for a career as: Steam Fitters and Pipe Fitters

Red Deer Polytechnic
Red Deer, Alberta, CA

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Edmonton, Alberta, CA

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