Broadcast Technicians

(NOC 5224)

What do Broadcast Technicians do?

Broadcast technicians install, set up, test, operate and repair electronic equipment used to record and transmit live and taped radio and television programs and to produce audio and video streaming broadcasts for the Internet.

How to become: Broadcast Technicians

In general, you usually need a high school diploma. You may also need a college diploma, university degree or specialized/technical training and experience in your area of work.

You may substitute on-the-job training for formal educational requirements and may need to demonstrate your creative ability through a portfolio of work/experience.

Most recent entrants have a trade/vocational certificate or community college diploma, and almost 3 in 10 have an undergraduate university degree.

Completion of a college program in broadcast technology or electronics is usually required.

Where to study for a career as: Broadcast Technicians

Modified on January 26, 2022

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