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Career Description

Biologists conduct studies of the structure/characteristics of humans, plants, and animals; conduct environmental assessment studies; classify plant/animal specimens; and carry out basic/applied research.

Duties May Include

Biologists may perform the following duties:

Plan and conduct studies of the environment, and the population, distribution, structure and functional characteristics and behaviour of plants and animals;

Conduct ecological and environmental impact studies and prepare reports;

Study, identify and classify plant and animal specimens;

Conduct experiments in plant or animal growth, heredity and breeding;

Prepare reports and plans for management of renewable resources;

Supervise biological technologists and technicians and other scientists.

Microbiologists and cell and molecular biologists perform some or all of the following duties:

Conduct research into the structure, function, ecology, biotechnology and genetics of micro-organisms, including bacteria, fungi, protozoans, and algae;

Conduct research into the structure and functioning of human, animal and plant tissues and cells;

Conduct studies into the identification, effects and control of human, plant and animal pathogens and toxins;

Conduct clinical or laboratory studies to test, evaluate and screen drugs and pharmaceuticals;

Conduct molecular or biochemical studies and experiments into genetic expression, gene manipulation and recombinant DNA technology;

Supervise biological technologists and technicians and other scientists.

Examples of Titles

Marine Biologist

Here are some schools that have programs related to this career:

Trent University
Peterborough, Ontario, CA

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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology - Specialization in Health Sciences (B.Sc.) Bachelor; Honours
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology - Specialization in Conservation Biology (B.Sc.) Bachelor; Honours
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Ontario Tech University
Oshawa, Ontario, CA

Related Program(s):
Life Sciences Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Biological Science Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
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Brock University
St. Catharines, Ontario, CA

Related Program(s):
Biological Sciences Bachelor; Honours
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Tyndale University
Toronto, Ontario, CA

Related Program(s):
Biology Bachelor
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University of Waterloo
Waterloo, Ontario, CA

Related Program(s):
Biology Bachelor; Honours
Life Sciences Bachelor; Honours
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