Banking, Insurance and Other Financial Clerks

(NOC 1433)

Career Description

Clerks in the financial services process customers’ financial transactions and provide information on related products and services.

Duties May Include

Bank clerks compile bank transaction records and process mortgage/loan applications, payments, term deposits, bank drafts, and money orders. They also verify and balance ATM transactions/ledger entries and calculate service charges/interest payments. They notify customers of account problems and answer questions regarding banking products, policies, and services.

Insurance clerks process enrolments, cancellations, claims transactions, and policy changes as well as process/calculate premium, pension, and annuity payments. They review insurance applications/policies; verify coverage, premiums paid, and other insurance information; and answer questions. They also compile and maintain claims data, rates, and insurance data/records.

Other financial clerks compile and maintain rental/sale real estate listings as well as stock, bond, and other securities listings. They sort, verify, and process real estate, security, and other financial transactions. They may answer questions and reply to correspondence.

Examples of Titles

Bank Teller
Customer Service Representative

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Modified on May 10, 2012