Heavy Equipment Operators

(NOC 7421)


These comments apply to the career group Heavy Equipment Operators.

Opportunities will mainly come from positions vacated by operators who retire or obtain promotions to contractor and foreman positions, or, if they have the required skills, construction managers (NOC 0711 and NOC 0712). There will be a few additional opportunities as a result of employment increase.

Considering the trends that affect employment growth in the construction industry, especially in civil engineering and highways projects, and in the other industries in which these people work (municipalities, transport, mining, forestry, wood and paper), the number of heavy equipment operators (except crane) should increase slightly over the next few years.

Seasonal unemployment is relatively high in this occupation, particularly from January to April.

Job Seekers: 44,003
Job Openings: 44,404

Job prospects for this career are rated Fair

Last Updated: May 19, 2012