(NOC 6222)


These comments apply to the career group Insurance And Real Estate Sales Occupations And Buyers.

The majority of job openings will be due to retirements. The retirement rate will be high for this occupation when compared to other occupations because workers in this occupation are older than average. New graduates will represent the majority of job seekers over this period, despite the fact that the growth rate for job seekers is lower than average for all occupations. The number of workers finding employment in this occupation who come from another occupation is expected to increase at a higher than average rate over the next ten years.

Employment is moderately sensitive to overall economic conditions but generally not seasonal. Buyers will increasingly use computerized inventory systems to track the sales of various items. Computerized ordering systems are also becoming increasingly common in this field. Buyers who have expertise in these and other computer-based technologies may have an advantage over others seeking work in this field.

Job Seekers: 54,211
Job Openings: 82,919

Job prospects for this career are rated Good

Last Updated: February 24, 2020