(NOC 1236)


The following comments cover the career grouping of Finance and insurance administrative occupations.

Given the growth in international imports and the growing importance of transportation logistics, the number of customs brokers, ship brokers and other brokers should increase significantly in the coming years.

Even if there is no academic training leading directly to this occupation, postsecondary education in transport logistics administration may be required and could be an advantage.

Customs brokers are rarely unemployed and generally stay in this occupation as the turnover rate is very low.

The growing number of international trade agreements and their conditions of application may also simplify the customs clearing process for some products and make it more difficult for others. Employers sometimes require generalists who can handle any product as well as specialists who are thoroughly familiar with the agreements and the steps for products related to specific industries such as textiles, chemicals, and so forth.

Job Seekers: 80,723
Job Openings: 111,725

Job prospects for this career are rated Good

Last Updated: May 17, 2012