Early Childhood Educators and Assistants

(NOC 4214)


These comments apply to the career group Paralegals, Social Services Workers and Occupations in Education and Religion, n.e.c. , which includes Early Childhood Educators

Job prospects in this career are rated FAIR because:

Over the past few years, the number of early childhood educators and assistants has increased sharply. The increased participation rate of women and the Quebec government's Places at the reduced contribution program has more than made up for a falling birth rate. Even though birth rate has increased recently, the growth rate in this occupation should fall off significantly. Consequently, the number of early childhood educators and assistants should increase significantly over the next few years, but at a slower pace than before.

Job opportunities will mainly come from staff turnover, positions vacated by retiring early childhood educators and assistants and employment increase. In addition, employers offer temporary positions on a regular basis to replace staff on maternity, parental or illness leave.

Job Seekers: 154,892
Job Openings: 171,151

Job prospects for this career are rated Fair

Last Updated: May 13, 2012