(NOC 4169)


These comments cover the career grouping of Policy and Program Officers, Researchers and Consultants, which includes Linguists.

Numbers in other professional occupations in social science should increase slightly over the next few years. This growth will vary enormously depending on the occupations included in this group. Because of the relatively low number of jobs in this field, the growth will not generate many new job opportunities.

Over the next few years, developments in management practices in the quantitative assessment of government policy should stimulate the demand for work on social impact measurement. In the private sector, these professionals will benefit from legislation and greater public awareness of the environmental, economic, social and cultural impacts of major industrial and government projects. In this kind of work, they must join multi-disciplinary teams that include engineers, urban planners, architects, economists, cartographers and financial analysts, among others.

The employment situation for graduates in fields leading to this occupation is much worse than for the average graduate, except in criminology.

Job Seekers: 100,406
Job Openings: 85,229

Job prospects for this career are rated Limited

Last Updated: May 19, 2012