(NOC 3232)


These comments cover the career grouping Other Technical Occupations in Health Care (Except Dental), which includes Midwives.

The two sources of job openings will be expansion and replacement demand. As with most occupations in the health sector, the aging population will put pressure on the demand for health care workers. In addition, the rate of retirement in this occupation will be high; workers in this occupation tend to retire at an earlier age than the average for other occupations. Historically, almost all job seekers were new graduates and very few immigrants or workers from other occupations (mobility) entered into this occupation. This situation is expected to continue in the coming years and, although the number of new graduates will increase significantly, the number of job seekers will be insufficient to fill all the job openings.

An analysis of recent graduates in this occupational category showed that a significant proportion of school leavers in these fields of study entered occupations outside the health sector. The main reason for this is likely the difficult working conditions (night shifts, overtime, etc.), which discourage some graduates from entering or remaining in the occupation. Since this situation will likely remain the same in the future, it is expected that a large number of qualified workers will continue to leave or fail to enter this occupation over the coming years.

Job Seekers: 56,447
Job Openings: 62,325

Job prospects for this career are rated Fair

Last Updated: May 20, 2012