Chemical Technologists and Technicians

(NOC 2211)


These comments are for the career grouping Technical Occupations in Physical Sciences.

Job prospects in this career are rated FAIR because:

After rising sharply in the 1990s, the number of chemical technologists and technicians remained fairly stable. These movements can be explained primarily by the impact of technological innovations and scientific discoveries. Because of this factor and increased public awareness of environmental safety, the number of chemical technologists and technicians start again to increase sharply over the coming years.

Opportunities will primarily result from employment increase and positions left vacant by chemical technologists and technicians who retire. Training and related experience in this occupation give candidates access to technical sales specialist positions (NOC 6221), especially in chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Members of this occupation can also obtain promotions to supervisory and management positions and to chemist (NOC 2112) positions.

These opportunities are available first to new graduates. Few openings will be filled by experienced unemployed chemical technologists and technicians, for unemployment levels are relatively low in this occupation. Other opportunities will become available for immigrants who meet this occupation requirements.

The adoption of some laws could lead to a significant increase in the volume of work for chemists and chemical technologists and technicians. Stricter laws to protect the environment, for instance, increase the demand for wastewater treatment tests in manufacturing and agricultural companies, water purification in municipalities, quality control in manufacturing companies, soil decontamination when land use changes, and so on. The result is similar when standards are adopted for occupational safety and health and public hygiene. Since companies affected by these laws do not always have the volume of work and the supervisory staff necessary to hire their own chemists and chemical technologists and technicians, they often must resort to specialized firms to carry out the work.

Increased government spending will play a major role in the demand for chemical technologists and technicians. Government cutbacks of the past decade have led to reduced funding for water purification programs and a pause, if not a decrease, in environmental control measures. Even though governments decided to concentrate their spending increases in the areas of health care and education, the end of budget cuts coupled with the public pressure referred to earlier at least put an end to the decline in government spending on the environment and public health and renewed spending on health care. Given that this trend is expected to continue in the next few years, this factor should benefit employment in this occupation somewhat.

Job Seekers: 14,953
Job Openings: 12,025

Job prospects for this career are rated Limited

Last Updated: February 21, 2020