Electrical and Electronics Engineers

(NOC 2133)


These comments apply to the career group Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Chemical Engineers.

Job prospects for this career are rated LIMITED because:

For Civil, Mechanical, Electrical And Chemical Engineers, over the period of 2011-2020, job openings are expected to total 59,348. It is expected that 71,768 job seekers will be available to fill these job openings.

The number of job openings resulting from retirement and employment growth will be about equal. Despite the large number of retirements over the 2009-2018 period, the retirement rate will not be high. This is because workers are older than average in this occupation and they also retire at an older age.

Employment growth will be strong because of investments in infrastructure programs and the transition to a knowledge-based economy will spur the creation of jobs in this occupation. A large majority of job seekers will be new graduates and immigrants.

A large number of immigrants are entering this occupation because of Canada's immigration policy, which promotes high-skilled candidates, and because knowledge and experience gained abroad in engineering are more easily transferable to other countries than knowledge and experience gained in some other occupations.

Job Seekers: 71,767
Job Openings: 60,435

Job prospects for this career are rated Limited

Last Updated: May 13, 2012