Medical Transcriptionists

(NOC 1244)


These comments cover the career grouping of Secretaries, Recorders and Transcriptionists, which includes Medical Transcriptionists.

Job openings will result exclusively from replacement needs, especially from the need to replace workers who retire. Job openings will be strong as a result of the very high retirement rate. The retirement rate for secretaries, recorders and transcriptionists will be among the highest for all occupations, primarily because workers in this occupation are generally much older than the average.

The number of job seekers who are new graduates will decline in relation to the 1999-2008 period, resulting in fewer new job seekers over the next few years to meet the increase in job openings.

Job Seekers: 21,156
Job Openings: 73,949

Job prospects for this career are rated Good

Last Updated: May 17, 2012