Conference and Event Planners

(NOC 1226)


These comments apply to the career group Administrative and Regulatory Occupations, which includes Conference and Event Planners.

Opportunities will open up mainly through employment increase, need to replace planners who will be retiring, promotions to management positions, and acceptance of new positions in sales, communications and public relations. This type of work allows for the development of valuable contacts in a variety of fields. Many planners have a post-secondary or university diploma education that provides access to positions with better working conditions.

Changes in employment in this occupation are directly related to the frequency and popularity of conferences and other events. In the 1990s, the weak dollar, the development of modern infrastructures and co-operation between governments and private promoters led to strong growth in the number of events: conferences, festivals, exhibitions, trade shows, fairs, etc.

Job Seekers: 134,713
Job Openings: 204,093

Job prospects for this career are rated Good

Last Updated: August 03, 2012