Hot Careers in Canada

Human Resources & Business Service Professionals

If you like to plan, direct and coordinate, then human resources and business service professions may be the right career for you.

Career Estimated Entry-Level Salary Average Annual Salary (2010-2011)
Human Resources Consultants $38,000 $67,641
Business Management Consultants $46,095 $70,844
Advertising and Promotion Consultants $46,095 $70,844


Working Environment

While much of the work will be in an office environment, some roles may require work-related travel.

Certification and Advancement

Professionals looking to advance in their careers may wish to learn more about programs, policies, and employment law. As well, a degree in human resources management or an MBA are expected to have the best job prospect for a career in human resources.

Career Outlook

Many of these job openings will open due to retiring professionals. New companies and organizations may also expand their operations, which will require more human resources personnel to oversee and recruit new staff.