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Canadian Students
Entrance: 400Lowest: $2,000Highest: $15,000
In-School: 1,500Lowest: $500Highest: $4,000

Notes for Canadian Students

McGill has an extensive program of entrance and in-course awards open to Canadian and international students. Awards are based on academic record and leadership. In 2007-2008, 254 students (46 of whom were international students) or about 6% of first year students were awarded renewable entrance scholarships ranging from $2,000.00 to $15,000.00.

McGill grants loans and bursaries on the basis of financial need to registered full-time degree students who are in satisfactory academic standing.

Notes for International Students

Please view 'Financial Aid Notes for Canadian Students'.

1,160 scholarship(s) found.
  Scholarship Value Deadline
Dr. Harold N. Lynge Bursaries n/s n/s
Charles S.C. Wisdom Bursary n/s n/s
A. Fleming Loan Fund n/s n/s
Dr. Ben Benjamin Memorial Bursary n/s n/s
W. Herbert Moore Memorial Bursary n/s n/s
Catherine M. Shaw Shakespeare Award $1,125 n/s
Maurice A. Massé Memorial Award $1,250 n/s
Muriel V. Roscoe Bursary n/s n/s
Margaret S. McCready Memorial Prize $600 n/s
David N. Solomon Memorial Prizes $450 n/s
Clifford C.F. Wong Scholarship (Social Work) $1,500 n/s
Dr. Paul F. McCullagh Scholarship for Study Away $3,000 n/s
Clifford C.F. Wong Scholarship (Education) $1,500 n/s
Clifford C.F. Wong Scholarship (Science) $1,500 n/s
Dr. and Mrs. Hirsh Rosenfeld Scholarship in Jewish Studies $1,300 n/s
Mr. and Mrs. Saul Radowitz Scholarship n/s n/s
Garnet A. Woonton Prize in Physics $500 n/s
Mr. Samuel and Mrs. Ida Campbell Bursary n/s n/s
A.R. Gordon Awards $7,500 n/s
F.T.M. White Award $2,000 n/s
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